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Whispering beauty...

Dark as night....

12 August

Name: Chantel Natasha
Nicknames: Chantellie, Chantyelle, Chan, Chantella Bella, Bella, Channie
DOB: August 12th, 1989
Birthplace: Winnipeg, Manitoba
Current Residence: Ottawa
Loves: Hugs, stuffed animals, bubble baths, reading, staying up late, snow, music, mix CDs, climbing trees, writing, spending time with my family, holding my baby cousin, playing hide and go seek in Toys R Us, sleeping in, candles, long walks, falling asleep listening to the rain, One Tree Hill, hour long phone calls, laughing.
Hates: Manufactured bands, stalkers, creepy people, fake people, spiders, snakes, thunderstorms, loud noises, dirt, PMS, therapy, doctors
Weaknesses: Ice cream, chocolate, hugs, love notes-poems-songs, flowers


Want to know more about me? Go here: Intro post

AIM: picture frame xx
MSN: chantelgratton@hotmail.com
Yahoo: can_rockerchick
Email: chantelgratton@gmail.com

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